Facts Control & Removal

Not only can we help you with wildlife removal and control, we can also help you understand wildlife problems and individual species better too.

Humane methods are always our preferred choice when it comes to wildlife removal, prevention and control. And once you learn more about our cost-effective discoveries, our long term solutions and the wildlife you share your world with – we think it will be your preferred method too.


Bat exclusion is one of the main things we do and we have lots of information for you on bats, including the seasonal considerations of bat removal, rabies safety, disease information, fun facts,  bat house benefits, and how to conduct a watch.

Squirrels can be quite a problem as they can be very destructive, damaging your house or attic, chewing on your electrical wires and even attracting larger, more destructive wildlife such as raccoons. Squirrels are also opportunistic omnivores. Learn more about this interesting critter and our squirrel removal services.


Raccoons can be a destructive health hazard to have around your home, damaging your structure and soiling your attic insulation. Learn more about how we humanely remove, exclude and get rid of this beautiful yet destructive critter. Damage example photos too.


copperhead snakeSnakes are fascinating and beneficial animals, however, venomous snakes can be dangerous. We practice humane snake removal and can help prevent snakes from becoming a problem in your environment. Also, fascinating tid bits you may not have known about snakes.


Getting rid of rats can be a difficult task, particularly since they are afraid of new things such as traps. And, of all the critters we handle, rats are the smartest. But, we know how to get rid of rats. Know the facts about rats and you will be able to control them better.

mouse problem

Information on mouse problems, causes and solutions. It is important to get rid of mice the right way, if your home isn’t properly sealed the mice will quickly return, and poisons can inadvertently kill pets. We can remove your mice, locate dead mice within your walls and seal your home to prevent future issues.


Information on the nine banded armadillo, behavioral expectations, why armadillos fall into the “nuisance” wildlife category, and armadillo wildlife control solutions to consider. We’ve also got fun facts about armadillos including why they are a common road kill victim.

baby skunk rescued by skunk whisperer chris greenlie

The skunk is an interesting critter and We have fun facts about skunks for you, plus information on our skunk repellent. We can also help you remove the odors they’ve left around your home and we’ve got a recipe to share for those times when you or your pet get sprayed.

close up view of an opossum

The opossum is North America’s only marsupial. We have interesting behavioral and anatomical facts about the opossum for you to read about. Although interesting, wild opossums can be quite a nuisance. Trapping isn’t always the answer, our methods can effectively control your opossum problems without it.

urban fox crossing city bridge

A look at city, suburban, rural and island dwelling foxes in Southwest Florida, what attracts them to residential neighborhoods, what to do if you see one, and how you can get rid of foxes on your own – without trapping or harming them.

stray cat

Feral Cats
To the best of our knowledge, Tulsa Wildlife Relocation is one of the few companies that will assist you with feral cat removal and trapping (as allowed by law). Learn more about our humane methods, services, spay, trap and neuter programs, and how you can prevent feral cat problems around your home.

closeup view of a flying squirrel

Flying Squirrels
Many homeowners are surprised to learn they have a flying squirrel problem in their attic because they have never seen one in the wild. This is because flying squirrels are nocturnal and often blend in with the environment, so they are not an animal you would typically spot when hanging around outside.

The Canada goose is a beautiful bird to behold; however, they can make a stinky, even slippery mess if not managed properly.  Learn about our services and flock size management, fun facts about geese too, including group terminology.

Wild Birds
Wild birds and pigeons can make quite a mess around your home and business, driving away friends and customers, not to mention the damage they can do. They can also start a trend, particularly in attics, where their activity attracts squirrels and later raccoons.

Mountain Lions
We have general facts and information on prevention and control. 

wild rabbit

Wild Rabbits
When rabbits are eating flower bed plants, there is no reason for them to hop into a trap. And removing one rabbit will only open that territory for others who will soon move in. We can help control your rabbit problem with adjustments to your landscaping and/or structures.


Vultures And Buzzards
Vultures, also called buzzards, can be difficult to control and cannot simply be scared away. They roost in large groups and can become a scary nuisance individual homeowners and entire towns too. We know how to get rid of vultures, but they are federally protected and special government permits are required.


Bobcats are not typically confrontational, but when hungry enough, they will attack and eat small cats and dogs. We’ve put together some information on things that can attract bobcats to the area around your home, and some photos taken of urban bobcats living right in the middle of a city.


Interesting facts about coyotes including reproduction, their danger to pets, the coyote food chain, hunting and trapping coyotes, using livestock guardians and various humane preventative methods and tools to help control them.

black panther

Black Panthers
Black panthers are sometimes sighted in unexpected places around the U.S. The term “black panther” is not a term that in itself represents a specific species of “big cat”. Rather the term is used in general to describe any large predatory cat such as a Jaguar or Leopard that is black in color.

high dwelling roof rat in tree

Roof Rats
High climbing roof rats are primarily an attic problem. As with other kinds of rats, they are smart and difficult to get rid of. Building modifications and the proper expertise will be crucial when it comes to getting rid of roof rats and keeping them away from your home.

scorpion up close

Scorpions can be dangerous pests with a painful sting. An individual scorpion can produce over 100 babies so proper exclusion is important. Tulsa Wildlife Relocation has proofed many homes successfully and we can help prevent problems for you too.


Crayfish are not typically thought of as nuisance wildlife, but we have included them in the list because they can do a lot of damage to your lawn. They can be difficult to control, but changing watering habits and improving water drainage around your home can help.


Voles, Moles & Gophers
Information on repellents, trapping, and removal options. The Wildlife Whisperer, Inc., does not offer lethal trapping and poison services for controlling moles and gophers. We can help you control them with humane methods but for these particular critters these methods may be cost prohibitive for most individuals.


Groundhogs, sometimes called woodchucks or whistle-pigs, are incredible digging machines that can quickly destroy a lawn, basement or even a foundation. Luckily, they are easy to coax away from your home. We’ve put together some information including how our services can help.

porcupine on log

Porcupines are one of the largest rodents in the U.S., second only to the beaver in many states. They can be intriguing, but their quills can be hazardous, and porcupines can do a lot of damage to trees, your lawn and around the house. Learn more about ways to help control them around your property.

baby beaver on top of dam

The benefits and hazards that can result from beaver activity. Also, info on dams, populations, habitats, family life and exclusion methods. Understanding behavior such as the beaver’s building skills and innate instincts is vital for successful beaver control.

bee hive that needs to be removed

We no longer offer honey bee removal, however, if you need assistance properly sealing up your home to keep bees out after the fact, or as a preventative step – we can assist you. We’ve also included some information for you about bees and hive removal from your home.