Wildlife damage problems are a troublesome reality in Tulsa, OK. Here at Tulsa Wildlife Relocation, I provide wild animal control, removal, and prevention services to a variety of customers. As a geese specialist and wildlife expert, I am an experienced wildlife consultant.

Though most trespassing animals are a nuisance, they may endanger humans if an animal control plan is not implemented. Wildlife control reduces the risk of transmitted diseases. This is one reason why proper animal control is essential. However, as a wildlife specialist, I know that relocation and wildlife management involves complex issues.

Key concerns I address as a wildlife consultant, include appropriate wildlife advice associated with the relocation of nuisance mammals, such as:

• Stress and Mortality of the Animals Being Moved
• Finding Suitable Release Sites
• Discouraging the Return of Relocated Wildlife

A wild animal that comes too close, or comes in conflict with your use and enjoyment of your property, becomes an animal control problem. Wild animal control is my business; I am proud of my ability to help my clients handle their problem. My team has the knowledge, equipment, and dedication to do the job right every time!

Tulsa Wildlife Relocation specializes in humane and environmentally responsible animal control techniques for controlling nuisance animal problems. My goal on every job is to remove trespassing animals and prevent them from returning by applying efficient animal control prevention techniques. I design customized integrated methods that match the specific needs of each client.

Ask me at Tulsa Wildlife Relocation about Canada goose control and other wildlife management options. Let me put my expertise to work for you as your wildlife consultant in Tulsa, OK.