If you have a nuisance wild animal problem, I know how to help you quickly and effectively. Tulsa Wildlife Relocation is owned and operated by me, Terry Rodgers. I specialize in geese management and other wildlife management services. My animal control company offers relocation, management, and consulting services. I am experienced in serving a variety of clients in Tulsa, OK and its surrounding localities.
Wildlife management requires different types of solutions depending on the situation and the animals involved. I offer a variety of wildlife management services throughout the Tulsa area. Whether you need an animal trapper, animal control management, or advice, Tulsa Wildlife Relocation’s team has the necessary training and experience to take care of your wildlife control problem safely and efficiently.
I specialize in providing humane and effective wild animal control services. Tulsa Wildlife Relocation provides safe wildlife management solutions that do not harm the environment. If you are looking for quick and cost-effective ways to fix your wildlife problem, you have come to the right place! During our first consultation, I will discuss in detail how to solve your problem by removing wildlife and discussing with you what prevention methods will prove helpful in the future.

Please speak with me at Tulsa Wildlife Relocation. I am waiting to help you resolve your problem by protecting your property in Tulsa, OK and bringing you peace of mind.