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We provide humane and permanent solutions for wildlife removal to
homeowners, property managers, businesses and government. We
achieve this by using the most advanced technology in detection,
prevention, repairs and cleanup of wildlife damage.

Our 100% humane solutions utilize the most modern and up-to-date
methods. We excel by using techniques that are proven safe for your
family, pets, home and business. If you have wildlife in your home or on
your property, have droppings or scratching noises, contact us and
we’ll solve your problem.


Wildlife control services provided by TWR are state certified and 100%
safe and effective. We are equipped to handle wildlife removal, quality
repairs, restoration and clean up, and disinfecting and sanitizing. We
provide excellent customer service, a permanent solution, and peace of
mind protecting your home, family, and business.

  • Bat Standard Compliance
  • A+ BBB Rating
  • Angie’s List Approved
  • Experienced and Highly Trained Technicians


The TWR initial visit includes a visual inspection of your attic and crawl
space to pinpoint the kind of animal that is causing your problem. You
will receive an inspection report detailing your needs and describing all
your options, and a quote for any TWR services. TWR provides animal
removal service for:

  • Bats
  • Raccoons
  • Skunks
  • Rodent Removal and Control

Why is TWR better?

Attention to detail separates us from the competition.

We are able to identify the exact problem in your home or property by
locating entry points and damage caused by animal body oils and fecal
matter. We offer humane animal trapping and removal starting at
$100. Animals that are trapped are taken to a wilderness area and
released to their new home.

Home buyer/seller

In addition to the above services, we provide a wildlife free certificate
of inspection for wildlife and damages. This will certify that your real
estate has been inspected by a state licensed wildlife specialist and has
been cleared of any wildlife problems.

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