Wildlife Relocation

Terry with a trailer full of soon to be relocated geese.
Terry with a trailer full of soon to be relocated geese.

Wildlife relocation is an alternative to using a lethal wildlife management solution. When Canada geese or other wildlife on your property cause conflict with your use and enjoyment of your property, Tulsa Wildlife Relocation is available to help you solve this problem safely. My team expertly handles trapping, and relocating wildlife in Tulsa, OK or its surrounding areas.

My company specializes in relocation as a Canada Goose removal option. This Canada geese transfer option is a humane geese removal method. It involves trapping geese in a live trap, and carefully releasing them in an approved location. Careful planning ensures safe relocation.

The method I use for geese relocation or other wildlife relocation is always humane. I start the process with an inspection. In many cases, raccoons, skunks, snakes, opossums, and other wildlife enter a building through an open window, door, or doggy door. The moment my company receives a call, members of my team respond immediately to remedy the problem.
My team has the expertise and experience it needs to solve diverse problems, including dead animal removal. Sometimes expert help is needed for dead animal removal. When you want to put an end to trespassing animals, my wildlife relocation and customized preventive management solutions are the remedy.

As an owner-operated business, Tulsa Wildlife Relocation is big on customer service! You will find my team is responsive to your needs and is always available to answer any of your questions.

Make Tulsa Wildlife Relocation your preferred contractor for wildlife relocation in Tulsa, OK. Same day service is available. Contact me now to get rid of your animal pests!